I’m sure we’ve all seen things in swimming pools we’d rather not. A little beige plaster peacefully floating by, a discarded pool toy or, perhaps, a mother and young child sheepishly exiting without explanation.

And when the pool in question is outdoor and open to the public, it could be said that users enter into an unspoken agreement not to question the pool, but trust the chlorine and its cleaning abilities.

This latest video, however, may just be taking things a bit too far.

Footage has emerged of a female holidaymaker in Florida casually shaving her legs in a public pool… not that doing it in a private pool would really make it any better.

As the video shows, the woman perches on the edge of the pool, legs in the water, sunglasses on. While just a foot or two away children happily play and float about in inflatables.

It’s pretty hard to mistake what she’s doing for anything else. At first I thought maybe she’s just scratching her leg or something, but nope, she’s got a razor, she’s scraping it up her leg and then rinsing said razor in the pool as children’s heads bob up and down and in and out of the water.

I mean, there’s only so much chlorine can do to keep a pool clean.

Woman Shaves Her Legs In Busy Hotel Swimming Pool Leaving People Disgusted shavinglegs2

The strange thing (apart from the shaving) is how at ease she seems with it all. Maybe she should be applauded for breaking down these barriers? Most of us, if we forget to shave, just carry on with our day and think I’ll do it later, or nip to a bathroom and try to smarten ourselves up away from a very public area like, I don’t know, an outdoor swimming pool on a hot summer day.

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