These Whimsical Flower Images By ashraful arefin Will Take Your Breath Away

Happiness hides in little things. Beauty lies in an eye of the observer. And beautiful whimsical flower-themed photographies that you’re about to see in the gallery, underline these two sayings in the most beautiful and obvious way.

The author of these dreamy photographs showing the beauty of various flowers is Ashraful Arefin. He is a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has always been interested in drawing and painting and wanted to become an artist from childhood. In 2013 he started with photography and completely fell in love with it and found his true passion.

In the gallery below are breathtaking images of simple flowers that every one of us can see every day, but only rare ones really pay attention and are capable to enjoy the beauty of simple things of this kind.

Take your time to enjoy beautiful whimsical flower images by this talented author and learn what Ashraful Arefin said about his work and inspiration. If you like what you see make sure to check out more of his works on his Facebook profile.


” I have always been very much inspired by the little beautiful things in our lives and I try to express my love for little things through my works.”


” Flowers have always been one of my favorite things to photograph.”


” Their beauty, colors and simplicity always inspire me.”


” I think of them more like a person rather than just an object and try to portray little visual stories which are atmospheric, dreamy and give a sense of emotions.”


” Sometimes it’s about beautiful happy days, sometimes it’s about having hope and being positive.”


” Or sometimes it’s stories about seasons.”


” I hope these photos will make people feel happy, positive and mostly appreciate the beauty of simple things.”


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