We have often dealt with embroidery , marveling at each time the level of wonder that certain artists are able to achieve. And punctually, in the daily wander on the web, we come across something new and extremely surprising. This is the case of  Humayrah , an English artist and embroiderer who, on her biography, is keen to specify: ” not your grandma’s embroidery “.

And how to blame her. Moreover, it is enough to choose at random one of the many drum works to understand that his talent, emphasized by the obsessive attention to detail , is something out of the ordinary. I was particularly struck by insects , whose features and nuances are already incredibly complex in nature. Humayrah reproduces them alternating threads of different colors and inserts like pieces of cloth and metal. Or small objects collected in the woods around the place where he lives: leaves, flowers, feathers, twigs. The artist defines them as “treasures”, collects them and keeps them as such in his workshop and then includes them in embroidery.

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