Wondering what is the music of Intermarché 2018 ? This is the song “Mom, the most beautiful in the world” performed by the singer Luis Mariano . All information in this article.

Intermarché Pub 2018: Mom, the most beautiful in the world

Intermarché Pub 2018: Mom, the most beautiful in the world

A close “The love” and “I dreamed so much” , Intermarché continues to trust the agency Romance that declines the concept of its commercials full of emotions in a new spot entitled “Maman, the most beautiful of the world “, Named after a song by Luis Mariano . The ingredients (a beautiful story full of emotions and poignant old music) that made the success of previous episodes of successful advertising saga, are here for a new story. That of a little boy who proudly distributes the cookies of the store which are so good that he thinks to be made by his mother. The sentimental music that accompanies the pub perfectly illustrates the admiration of a child for his mother.

Intermarché thus highlights the fact that the brand makes its own biscuits (via the Charibor brand ), like more than 2000 products of their brands (Pâtugares, Jean Rozé, Monique Ranou, Paquito, Pommette …).

What is the music of the pub?

The music of Intermarché pub 2018 is the sublime song  “Mom, the most beautiful in the world” interpreted by  Luis Mariano . A famous song by Fernand Bonifay which is an adaptation of an Italian song by Marino Marini,  La più bella del mondo  (1957).

You know now who is the singer who sings the song of the music of the pub Intermarché 2018.

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