When it comes to our goals we are told to reach for the stars, but for nine-year-old Gideon Kidd his goal is to reach for a dog. Yes, Gideon is on a quest to pet as many dogs as he can and has already pet over 300 cuddly canines. He began documenting this mission in 2016 on his blog I’ve Pet That Dog, but it wasn’t until he joined Twitter that he became an internet hit. He told Vice that it was his mom’s suggestion to join the social media site. Only a month into Twitter, Gideon already has 41.7K followers – I guess mother’s really do know best. Gideon’s followers not only get to see pictures of this dog lover with his fluffy new friends, but read descriptions. Each dog is given a photo profile with their age, breed and quirky personality description. Gideon shared on his website that his favorite dog breed is a Chihuahua and that he is even a member of a Chihuahua fan club. If you’re like this nine-year-old and are looking for some furry affection Gideon has advice: “If you put your hand under their nose, you can let them sniff you. He’ll bark and growl if he doesn’t want you to pet him. If he does want you to pet him, he’ll come to you happily.” Check out Gideon with some of his adorable new friends below and don’t forget to up-vote your faves.

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