Seven event-planning apps to bring people together

The rise of internet-connected smartphones has made it easier than ever before to spend time with friends and family. But what about spending time with them at parties or reunions in the real-world? Well, your phone can help with that too. You can lean on apps to choose a good date and time, send invitations and updates, and generally organize your event with a minimum of stress.


If you’ve ever tried to corral a group of friends, you know how hard it is to find a meet-up date that works for everyone. That’s the problem Doodle (for Android and iOS) wants to solve.

Through the app, you suggest some dates and times for a get-together, and then the people you’ve invited—who don’t need Doodle accounts themselves—can vote on which option suits them best.

Doodle makes this process easy and straightforward with a clean and clever interface. It also incorporates features such as integration with your existing calendars (Google, Outlook, or Apple), a private messaging thread for each event, and push notifications. To add even more abilities, including ad removal and emails that automatically remind invitees to RSVP, you can upgrade to a premium account for $39 per year.


Meetup (for Android and iOS) aims to push you out of the house so you can attend events with people who share your interests. However, you can also use the app to create your own gatherings. This service works best if you’re hoping to meet and gather together people you don’t know yet, rather than close friends.

Start by creating a group: Tap Browse (Android) or Meetup (iOS), followed by the Plus icon. Then you can set the parameters for the new group and write a blurb explaining what you want to achieve and who should consider joining—meetups must be between people who share a purpose, goal, interest, identity, or activity.. Finally, you can begin creating specific events for your group to attend.

To use Meetup this way, you’ll need a premium subscription, which costs $15 per month. Before you pay up, you can also try out a 30-day trial of the subscription tier.


Facebook might have some issues with its News Feed, but the network can help you enormously when you’re organizing an event: Almost everyone you know already has an account, and the Events aspect of the app (for Android and iOS) is very easy to use.

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