The new look of the old window frames will help to freshen the interior and it can bring a special charm. After changing the windows, many of us, throw away old windows frame  without knowing that with a little imagination and fantasy, old wooden windows frame can be a decorative element in the interior. The main thing is the wooden old window frames is well preserved, the glass can be removed, when you remove glass be careful, it is fragile and you can be hurt.

Reuse Old Window Wall Decor


If you decide not to remove the old window glass can make a coffee table.

DIY Coffee Table

On complete window can put your family photos.

DIY Picture Frames Ideas


On framework of the old window, can put your fashion accessories, they will always be at hand.

DIY Window Frame Jewelry Holder

Old windows you can use in the garden, from them can make a house for flowers, or put on wall and make flowerpots.

DIY Small Garden Greenhouse Out Of Windows


Bathroom Storage Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas


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