YSL Beauté presents the advertisement of its new Eau de Parfum for women “My Paris” . This new scintillating eau de parfum is a celebration of ecstatic love, and is the third member of the My Paris heritage, with a different twist.

The commercial takes you on a multi-faceted dive in Paris loved by lovers. A love story between a young man (Jérémie Laheurte) and a young woman (Crista Cober) who get lost in the most beautiful places of the capital : a trip in a vintage car, a night club night and a sunrise at the top of the Arc de Triomphe. This is the dream setting offered by BETC Luxe to promote the perfume “My Paris”. A new chapter in the “My Paris” advertising saga that shows us that love is limitless.

What is the music of the YSL Mon Paris 2018?

The music of the Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris 2018 pub is the title: ”  L’amour et la violence  ” by  Sébastien Tellier , electronic music artist, singer and French actor. An electro-pop rhythm song from her 2008 album Sexuality, which came out of Eurovision and made her known to the general public.

Who are the models / actors of the advertising?

The two lovers who love each other in Paris in this advertisement YSL Mon Paris are interpreted by the actress and Canadian model Crista Cober  and the French actor and model  Jérémie Laheurte .

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