One of the most important jobs in the world is being a parent. It’s a tough job, and honestly, one that isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, when someone has a child that isn’t capable of taking care of them properly, the child typically gets put into the foster system. Becoming a foster parent isn’t the easiest job. At times, it can be heartbreaking, exhausting, and very stressful. But what parent doesn’t feel like that, right? This foster mother knew that she wanted to have her foster child with her forever and documented the day in the most beautiful way!

Millie Holloman always knew that she wanted to be a mother.

Like most women, Millie was waiting for everything to fall into place, but after losing a dear friend to cancer, she made a huge decision. “Why am I waiting for everything to come to me? If I’m single and want to be a mom, why am I waiting?”

A little over a year ago, Millie brought a wonderful little girl named Vera Wren into her home.

Millie never thought she would become a foster mom, but after spending time with her, Millie knew that she wanted Wren to be her daughter forever. So, she began the process of adopting her.

Finally, it was the day of the adoption and Millie wanted everyone who was involved in their lives to be a part of the process.

Millie and her sister-in-law work as photographers in Wilmington, North Carolina. They came up with an amazing idea to celebrate the big day.

Millie has an incredible amount of support around her.

“We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it takes a village.’ Well it’s true!” she explained. So on the big day, Millie and her co-workers took pictures of everyone that she considered to a part of her village.

Her family and friends offered their endless support to Millie and Wren.

“I’ve often said that when I signed up for foster care, I signed up for the heartache and pain that often come with it. But my family and friends didn’t sign those papers, just me. I just drug them all into it. They’ve been through the ups and downs with me.”

Her family and friends offered their endless support to Millie and Wren.

When Millie adopted her little Wren, she had to decide whether or not she was going to change her little one’s name.

After doing research and talking to people, including Wren, the decision was clear. “She kept leaving, coming back, leaving and coming back. I say she flew into my heart and forever nested there. She’s my little wren,” explained Millie.

After the adoption was finalized, Millie posted the heartwarming pictures of the big day on Facebook.

Almost immediately, the photos went viral. People from all over the world were sharing in their day of unconditional love.

Millie has received an unbelievable amount of attention since sharing her pictures.

Not only has she received messages from other parents who have adopted, but people who have been adopted have messaged her, as well. “It’s beautiful and mind-blowing,” said Millie.

She never thought she’d receive this kind of attention for doing what seemed natural to her.

People have messaged her explaining how her story has helped them. “I never thought it would be healing for an adopted kid, which is pretty neat,” she explained.

Millie has hopes for other potential foster parents out there.

“I hope other people will be inspired to foster. It is hard, fostering is hard, a lot of things can go wrong, adoptions can fall through. But even in all of that, it’s beautiful how people come together for the common purpose of the kid,” said Millie.

Millie has hopes for other potential foster parents out there.

She has been an inspiration to so many people and they’ve let her know how amazing she is.

But she disagrees. “When people say to me, ‘you’re amazing’ or ‘you’re changing lives,’ they don’t realize that these kids, they’ve actually changed my life more than I’ve probably changed theirs,” said Millie.

Millie knows that the day was ultimately about Wren, of course, but an important day for all of those that joined them on their journey, as well.

“We think about these big achievements in life, we think about the big things in life, and we don’t thank the people that help. I signed up for foster care, the good and the bad, and these people, they’re still here,” explained Millie.

Even though Millie became a mother because she wanted to, there’s a bigger reason for why she chose the path of adoption.

“It’s easy to live for our selfish reasons, but living for others is what’s more rewarding,” she explained.

It’s incredible how one family can bring so many others together!

From the judge, to the lawyer, to the case worker, and many cousins, the day was a beautiful one for everyone involved. We bet that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Congratulations on your adoption Millie and Wren! It’s truly a beautiful thing to love a child.

It's incredible how one family can bring so many others together!

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