We have already talked about Virginia Mori , a very good designer, who lives and works in Pesaro and Milan. This week the ModoInfoShop bookshop  in Bologna presents her latest book ” Le due bambine “. And not only.In a few months the new book by EricaIlCane will be ready  . Important artists who, together with Alessandro Baronciani and Guido Volpi,represent the publications of this splendid library that now begins its journey also as a publishing house . Because of places where you can consult books sipping a glass of wine until 2 in the morning there are not many.

It must be admitted that the owners Fabio and Beppe have done a lot of work. There are those who defined it as a ” space with a clandestine flavor ” but undoubtedly this small universe of Emilia offers continuous excellent publications, promoting the work of  independent artists  through meetings and presentations. In addition to the numerous illustrators with whom reality has been collaborating for years, among the shelves you can find many vintage goodies and recent books.

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