In this article, we list the main types of malfunctions on a Macbook pro and we give you some tips for making repairs at a lower cost.

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Why repair your Macbook pro?

The Apple fans do would trade it for the world their Macbooks against a conventional portable PC running Windows. Beyond the design and performance, one of the main arguments that make the success of Macbooks is also that they never break down and they do not fear viruses.

Of course, if there is some truth in this adage, we are never safe from a break. It is much more difficult to hack even to repair his Macbook pro, as can be done on a PC. But knowing that the price starts from 1200 € for Macbook Pro 13 inches of base, and can go up to 2800 € for a 15 inches Retina with Processor with 2.5 GHz and 512 Go of storage, one does not arise twice the question before sending it for repair to a professional!

In addition, computer waste is today very poorly recycled so you will do good to the planet by opting for a repair 😉

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The different types of macbook pro repair that exist

Now let’s go to the different types of repairs possible for Macbook Pro. If your computer does not work anymore, do not worry, there are repairs for everything:

  • – Repairing the screen if it breaks during a crash
  • – Repairing the motherboard, one of the essential elements to run the Mac, otherwise you can not do anything!
  • – replacement of the hard disk (SSD or HDD) to store your data
  • – change and / or addition of RAM, to improve the speed and boost your Macbook
  • – change of keyboard or trackpad, CD player
  • – change of the graphics card
  • – changing the peripheral input inputs, for example if you broke the usb input by twisting a usb key in it
  • – …

Some repairs will cost more or less than others depending on what is affected in the Mac. Count at least 40 € for a simple repair then several hundred euros for the repair of essential elements of the Mac (graphics card, screen for example). But it will always be cheaper than buying a new one.

How to fix your pro Macbook cheaply?

The first thing to do if your Macbook Pro no longer works for no particular reason is to check if it is still under manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that there is a default warranty of two years on all Apple computers. If so, you are saved! Apple’s after-sales service is one of the most powerful ones out there so you will not have to worry and everything will be taken care of quickly.

In the case of a material breakage for which you are directly responsible, the manufacturer’s warranty will not work and the repair costs will be your responsibility. If you are the kind of case breaks, it is better to subscribe to an all-risk guarantee including breakage but it is an additional cost.

In the case where no warranty works, it is best to turn to a trusted professional who knows Apple products well. This is the case of , a computer repair company specialized since 2005 in the repair of MAC. The main advantage of Cyber-Jay is that the quote is free, so total transparency and no surprises on the bill. In addition, repairs are fast and have a 3 months warranty.

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