Isabel Tomás Creates Life Through Her Unique Animal Sculptures And We Are In Love With Her


What is it like to create living beings that do not really exist in our world? To dream them up, then make sculptures of them, but sculptures that make them look so real and alive and cute and…they make you fall in love with them. This is what Lisa Tomas does.

She is a Spanish sculptor, her real name being Isabel Toms, but she’s known as Lisa Toms. She lives in La Senia, Spain where she designs, produces, sews, paints and actually, makes all kind of creatures that look so perfect and vivid. They only need a divine breath of life and they could start moving around. Lisa does all of these by hand, a very arduous process that takes time and passion. But the end result in well worth it as you will see in the pictures below.

She became quite famous when one of her creations appeared on Instagram’s official account, gathering more than 2 million likes. “My greatest source of inspiration is nature itself”, she says. “Not just animals and plants. I like to imagine how they’d behave, where they’d live, what they’d eat and other details, as if they were a real animal”.

You can find her creations on Etsy . Believe us, once you purchase one, you will never stop! They are quite stunning beings and the level of attention and love she puts into her work makes you want more. What is striking at her creations, are the eyes.

These little beings have such expressive eyes that it melts your heart instantly. You will stand no chance against them! See for yourself! More info: Instagram

Isabel Toms creates these stunning adorable creatures you can’t know if they’re real or not


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