I am an artist based in the United Kingdom. I am deeply passionate about creating work that is imaginative yet organic. I have spent many years creating and developing a fluid creative process. I never plan pieces totally precisely but will have an idea or theme in mind, which I will create a series or collection around.

This process involves applying layers of paint, once dry I look to find order in these abstract beginnings. Finding creatures, landscapes, or just little scenes. I am greatly inspired by nature and the Universe, in particular the cosmos and centre most of my pieces around this.

I think in the modern world, it is easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and forget the magic of nature that lies just outside, sometimes it is nice to just stop and catch a breath, escape to another world.

The paintings below are some of my most recent works, created from my imagination. I work daily on new ideas that I can bring to life. I regularly hold events and exhibitions. You can find these original paintings, plus other works available in my shop. Thanks for reading!


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