Gorgeous Beauty Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

Whether it’s workouts, decor, beauty products, or even cupcakes, it’s safe to say that zodiac-inspired everything is here to stay. And if you can’t escape it — especially on Pinterest — why not embrace it?

To provide you some massive astrology beauty ideas, here are 20 zodiac-inspired beauty looks we’re currently obsessed with.

1. Aquarius-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

This gorgeous eyeshadow look definitely captures Aquarius’ free-spirited nature, as it combines airy blue and green tones together, helping your eyes pop.

2. Aries-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Passionate Aries signs will love this bold and dramatic eyeshadow idea, which utilizes fiery red, gold, and metallic tones to keep your eyes looking sharp and full of energy.

3. Taurus-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Taureans are all about embracing natural hues, and this eyeshadow look (think warm nudes and soft browns) definitely captures that grounding earthy vibe.

4. Gemini-Inspired Nails

This clever (and not to mention colorful) nail design pays homage to twins of the zodiac.

5. Cancer-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

This beautiful blue eyeshadow look pays tribute to water, Cancer’s natural element.

6. Leo-Inspired Makeup Look

Pairing bold orange eyes and lips together keeps this Leo-inspired look full of color and excitement.

7. Virgo-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Gorgeous green, blue, and brown shades come together to create this earthy Virgo eyeshadow look.

8. Libra-Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Libras are all about natural pink tones, giving this romantic eyeshadow look a touch of elegance.

9. Scorpio-Inspired Nails

Dark and moody Scorpios will love this cool constellation nail look which features mysterious shades of black, purple, and blue

10. Sagittarius-Inspired Nails

This navy and gold nail art design properly shows off the Sagittarius constellation.

11. Pisces-Inspired Nails

If you are pretty skilled at DIY nail art, why not try out (or ask your manicurist for) this Pisces-approved nail look yourself?

12. Capricorn-Inspired Nails

If you’ve got nails for days, this Capricorn look definitely shows off your gorgeous length in true zodiac fashion.

13. Galactic Zodiac Makeup

Seriously, this celestial zodiac-inspired makeup look was made for Instagram.

14. Minimalist Zodiac Nails

If you love minimalist nail looks, let this barely-there nail art idea give you some major manicure inspiration

15. Negative Space Zodiac Nails

Minimalist nail fanatics will also love this negative space nail look which cleverly features all constellation signs of the zodiac.

16. Scorpio-Inspired Makeup Look

Even if you aren’t exactly a Scorpio, this seductive makeup look allows you to channel the sign’s sexy and mysterious spirit.

17. Zodiac Eyeshadow Chart

Not sure what kind of zodiac-inspired beauty looks to create? Why not let this helpful zodiac eyeshadow chart steer you in the right direction.

18. Constellation Zodiac Nails

19. Cancer-Inspired Nails

This gorgeous holographic blue color totally celebrates all things Cancer.

20. Black And White Zodiac Nail Art


Create an ethereal starry night sky on your nails with some help from this zodiac inspired design.

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