In Disney cartoons, we always see princesses in the prime of life: beautiful, resplendent, young, furry, etc. But we rarely see them several years later, when they have become queens and no longer have this “freshness”. It is on this vision that the photographer Tony Ross looked. He decided to make a series of photographs to juxtapose the Disney princesses as we see them in the movies then as they could be one or two decade (s) later: regal, proud, superb.

  • Belle
  • The photographer, based in Los Angeles, took the party to make realistic shots, with real female models and especially beautiful costumes (provided by Nephi Garcia, a design just known for his creations inspired princess dresses). The models were also not chosen at random, they are all mothers and daughters. Tony Ross explains this peculiarity and his vision: “The main idea was to represent the relationship between a mother and a girl as the same princess but with a difference generation, to show similarities, similar traits. “.
  • Mulan

  • Ariel

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Elena

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