These Catt Butt Coasters will be an awesomegift for any cat lover. Because if you love cats, you love all of them. All the butts and imperfections.

Note: If sold out find more cat butt coasters herehere and also these peeking cat butt coasters here. )

No other pet makes you as aware of them having a bumhole as cats.  They proudly showcase it, with their tails up high as they strut around the house. We should be taking notes on self-confidence from them. 

These crochet coasters are just as unapologetic as the felines they are made after. They are hilarious and self-aware. The crochet technique adds a shabby chic edge to them which makes them charming and adorable. 

Catt Butt Coasters

The material will soak up any condensation from your drink and keep the surfaces in your home free from water rings. The best part is, if they do get dirty, the 100% cotton is easy to maintain and wash.

Catt Butt Coasters

These handmade coasters are sold in bundles as well as individually. Will you go for the diverse butts or stick with one pattern that resembles your own furry friend’s tuchus? 

Catt Butt Coasters

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