30 Black And White Pictures Of Flowers With Tips On How To Shoot The Perfect Black & White

This gallery of black and white pictures of flowers is easily one of my own favorite articles i wrote here on The Awesome Daily. I really like writing about photography, and unique photos of nature, so these photos combine two great loves of mine. There’s something about black and white photography that gives the subject matter a whole new life, mysterious if you will and something that colored pictures will never be able to accomplish. I really hope you enjoy these.

How to take the perfect black and white picture of a flower

Set your camera to RAW + JPEG ( Monochrome ). This will help you see how the black and white image will look like if you’re having a hard time visualising it before taking the shot. ( Don’t feel, bad, a lot of photographers can’t really see the final outcome until it’s there. )

Try and find a scene that is high in contrast and full of sharp shapes. When shooting colored pictures, it’s easy to notice slight differences because of the ray of colors, but when you take that away, and are left only with black,shades of gray and white, you really need more to make a good colorless images.

Don’t forget about long exposure. If you’re shooting something that’s moving, like water or clouds, this will be very handy. The movement creates a blurry effect that looks very nice in the finished photo.

Using filters is also a great way to shoot black and white photos of flowers, why? Because of the way they can manipulate the image contrast. So consider it next time you want to shoot with no color and don’t want to mess with all the settings.

For people who prefer to do the heavy work after the shooting is over, you can pretty easily create black and white photos using Photoshop and other photo editing softwares, however please be aware that some details may look un-natural if you overuse the brightness and other settings while editing your photo, so don’t over do it.

For old school photographers, you can also use the Dodge and Burn method, this method is actually done in the dark room by holding back bright shadows and burning or darkening colors as needed.

So there you have it, a few great tips on how to take beautiful black and white pictures of flowers or pretty much anything else you want. Feel free to browse the gallery below showing some of the techniques mentioned above.

1. Beautiful black and white picture of a flower

2. This is actually an x-ray photo showing the inside of the flower

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