If you have the impression that you don’t spend your budget wisely and you want to do something about it, maybe this article can help you make a reasonable start. Here is the list of eighteen products that are essentially a waste of many, but people buy them in great amounts in general and spend a significant amount of money on them.

Do you waste your money on some of the products from the list? Let’s check out. and by the way, if you do, you should stop it starting today, most of the items on this list are a complete waste of money.

1. Lottery tickets – Big strikes are really rare and if you play the lottery on a daily basis the chances are you are in a great loss.

2. Cigarettes – Not only smoking costs you a lot of money, but also causes health problems that need to be treated and that costs.

3. Water battles – More and more people are buying water rather than soda and developing healthy habits. The price is $1.22 per gallon for a commodity that can be accessed for next to nothing.

4. Brand name drugs – Cheaper drugs have the same ingredients and effects, so you can save your money buying them instead of well-known brands.

5. Movie theater concessions – Bring your own snacks from the supermarket where you’ll buy them several times cheaper.

6. Cafe coffee – Homemade coffee can be delicious and much cheaper.

7. Books – You can get an annual membership in a public library for the price of just one book.

8. Timeshares – They can trap you with ever-increasing fees and low resale value, making timeshares an almost guaranteed loss.

9. Boats – Boats are expensive and imply many additional costs such as prices for storage, gas, maintenance, and electronic navigation.

10. CDs and DVDs – You can now stream music and movies on apps such as Spotify and Netflix for a monthly rate that costs less than a single disc.

11. Cable TV – Television is moving in the same direction towards online streaming.

12. Greeting cards – it’s much nicer and cheaper to make your own personalized card.

13. Gift cards – These are a waste of money in one of three cases because almost one in three gift cards never get used at all.

14. Gym membership – This only pays if you are a regular.

15. Premium gasoline – Regular will do just fine.

16. The newest gadget –  Save a lot of money by going with a slightly older product that has nearly identical capabilities.

17. In-game purchases – Don’t get addictive to get to the next level for any cost.

18. Express shipping – The standard option instead of quick one may take a bit longer, but the savings is worth it.

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